Please be aware that cuticle trimming can put you at risk (ask your technician to not trim them if you prefer not to have your cuticles trimmed)


“Trimming the cuticles can break the seal that protects the surrounding skin from infection,” says  Dr. Eric Schwei. “Not only can biting or cutting the cuticles introduce infection but without the cuticle barrier to protect that surrounding skin and developing nail, an infection is more likely to develop. This potential infection around the base of the nail, called a paronychia, is unsightly and often painful. If a paronychia develops, it is important to see your dermatologist for prescription treatment or sometimes to drain the area surrounding the nail”. You can also contract paronychia from bacteria on your skin being transferred onto freshly trimmed cuticles.


For your safety, please be aware and don’t be afraid to let our technicians know what works best for you!