For the health of our clients, we are careful to ensure that we are meeting and exceeding the state regulations for cleanliness in every way. This helps to ensure a clean and safe environment for our clients, our technicians and our environment. Unfortunately, we will not serve anyone with toenail fungus.


Nail polish WILL NOT HARBOR FUNGUS. Because the chemicals in the nail polish create an inhospitable environment for fungus. Applying polish to your nails that are infected with fungus will make the fungus more difficult to get rid of. The polishes (and or enhancements) will make it more difficult for your nails to breathe. Keeping more moisture in the nail and causing the fungus to grow! We will not compromise your health, the health of our clients or the health of our technicians. Our dedication to cleanliness and health makes Venus Nails and Spa the best choice for your next pedicure, manicure, waxing or facials!